Collected Items

The current high profile MMO on the link is The Journey, S-Class Edition, or J-S for short hand.

Diesel! > durning-diesel.jpg

First Teams, like Dave’s old unit swear by Klegmeister’s Ale. In joke for some of the old Exalted people.

ControlaCola: Birth control in can! A refreshing line of sodas that act as contraceptives.

Phoenix Burger: reconstituted “protein strains” in tasty, high salt, low nutrition meals. A fast food powerhouse that “recycles” “proteins and other nutrients” into a tasty meal! What’s in the burgers? Who knows, but it’s cheap and filling!

The Underdark – Also known as the Nether-realm – The land of the Ghosts. Death is rarely so simple in the metaverse.

The Shattering – An event from some time in the very distant past which formed the current metaverse, Aether, Underdark, and other such realms. Very little information on this event is available.

Psionics – Exclusive to Humans, at this point, a refinement of mental prowess to induce supernatural effects. Known among the Monks of the Infinite Blossom, some cyber hackers, and gifted children. Psionics are suited to interaction with technology, as a mental extension, due to following logical patterns. Vampric Psionics exist, but seem to be an evolutionary refinement. Not much study between the two has occurred, primarily due to limited interaction and lack of official classification of psychics.

Brown Drank – From MoFugga, a subsidiary of HoodQuest Enterprises., Limited. A highly alcoholic, low quality, substance distilled from mustard and other known agents, it is marketed as “not for internal use” officially, but most all commercials and images show people drinking it and imply that it can “get you drunk!” Also used as a topical antiseptic, however if absorbed through the skin can lead to drunkeness. Also used as a mustard when reduced, the fumes of such make for a potent eye irritant. Can be used to strip paint, rust, and blood from metal, glass, or stone but may damage other materials. Fey have a particularly intense reaction to it. browndrink.jpg

Collected Items

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