Fate Freelance Inc.

Libraries and Lightning

After getting back and associated with The City, the team of Benjamin Harson, Nick Sono, Wren Harrison, and Nikola got caught up with Lovelace and Eve and filled them in on the latest with Legion and their misadventures.

Recognizing that the stolen data will need some additional research, the party gets together for an epic raid on……… The Tempest Municipal Library.

Getting together, they meet Bethany at the front desk and find a 4 story (plus basement) building which is largely empty of people but full of books. The library resources are not on the Link but there is an open wifi connection, which cause consternation to certain members of the party. Eve flipped out after casing the joint, but did discover the lay out of the building is very auspicious and there are inlays of strange magical metals in the walls.

Wren had contacted Siego Hermes of the Arcanum to consult and he met them there. He was able to confirm that the Arcanum was not aware of the language or how to translate the code stolen, he suggested that the Vampires might be a good resource but that is always a risky option. Benjamin met up with one of the book restorationists and found that there was a book in the library that matched that type of text.

The book was found in the basement and had the picture of a buxom woman looking out over an ocean on the cover. The party also found that there was a stone fragment from the early City housed in The City Museum of History. Some careful hacking found that the stone is owned by Crimson Industries. The party went to the museum and took a significant amount of pictures and images of the stone for later study.

Feeling a bit kleptomaniac, Eve also stole a book of trade treaties from the museum, which had some interesting information in it that Nikola found useful. Apparently the Hiyabusa family may be illegitimate, though much more evidence will be needed.

Returning the stolen book before it was found missing, the party decides to accept a job being offered by Crimson to maintain their employment and business. Benjamin negotiates an excellent deal for the party and they will be off to find who has been disappearing Crimson teams down in the Undertown.

Lovelace and Nick collaborate on a hyper translator program while Benjamin, Wren, and Nikola try some more esoteric solutions on getting the book translated. Since Air Magic of the Elves is associated with the mind, Wren suggests that Nikola may be able to enchant the book to be more receptive to translation. Nikola takes them to his roof top place and they conduct a ritual, which enchants the book. Taking the book back to Freelance Inc, Nick gets the book translated.

The Calm
Before something something sinister something

When we last left our incorporated crazies, Lovelace and Eve were still on their own mission for Charles and the party had just come back from the Forgotten World. There they learned that the nanobots/Legion were contained in metal vessels which had been breached. They also found some creepy deer, cryptic messages on the hatch, and a mission of dead people. The Legion is OLD, like really old, and might even predate the Shattering. The party gets back with this knowledge in hand and needs to figure out a plan. Maybe a regular job will give them a chance to put things in perspective.


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