Henrietta Vale

"Public Relations"


Henrietta, known as Henri to her companions, is from the Albion nation of Darkenwald. She is renowned for her social prowess and understanding of behavior. She is also known for her biting wit, surprising lack of empathy, and fashion sense. She is pale, as is typical of her race, with piercing blue eyes and black hair. She is rarely seen without her parasol or cowled coat, regardless of the weather.


Albion, Darkenwald
While on Darkenwald, Henrietta was deeply involved in the politics of the Nation. She was the daughter of a noble family, and demonstrated an affinity for the Social Arts – an unusual trait of the Mental nation of Albion. This offered her an interesting insight into the politics of her nation and the plane, but it also left her as a sort of outsider. She was an ambassador to the Francia Republic, but became bored with the disdain for mental powers and the…lack of subtlety to their affairs. She left the plane as an ambassador to The City. Any questions as to why she left her home plane lead to a droll snipe at the repetitive ploys.

The City
Henrietta was about 3 centuries young upon arriving in The City. She gave a token effort at Ambassadorial work, but resigned upon receiving a job offer from Freelance, Inc. She has been close (well, as close as she is with anyone) with Penelope since the administrative worker was hired, and has taken a small number of the other members of her team under her wing. Her protege, Wren, is a notorious soft spot for her. The remaining members of her team are clearly respected by her, though she has never been very good at hiding her contempt for specific elements of their past or idiosyncrasies. These spots of contempt have grown into friendly banter as they work together, and have never undermined her overall admiration of them.

Henrietta Vale

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