HoodQuest Enterprises, Limited

Yo dawg? You lookin’ for the finest shit in the City? Well, damn, you better get yo ass to the Core and stop wastin’ my time. Now, you lookin’ for a hook-up that won’t drain yo credits? Now we talkin’!


From the finest artisans in Dogtown, we got all the shit you need.

You need some protection? We got it. You want some tight threads? Yeah we got that too. You lookin’ for some top-gear, off the truck, no serial numbers shit? We might be able to help you out.

New From HoodQuest!

DJ Grundle’s Cap in Yo Ass Collection

  • DJ Grundle’s Hoodquest Blaster – BAM! You dead.
  • DJ Grundle’s Ain’t No-One-Hear-A-DAMN-Thing Blaster Silencer – No witnesses, no problems.
  • DJ Grundle’s Red Dot of Doom Eyesight – Just cause you’re shootin’ a bitch, don’t mean you need to aim like one.
    Save some credits and buy all three in DJ Grundle’s Tainted Bundle!

Hoodquest Originals (sort of)

  • I Be-microfiber-weave Survival Hooddie – Crossfire’s a bitch.
  • Damn Fine PumpUp Soles – They may not make you faster, but you’ll look good runnin’
  • BlingLink 2000 – We got the only link-fix you need.

Big Pimpin’ Collection

  • Pimp Gauntlet – Damage their face extra but not your hands.
  • Mama Ray’s Hoodquest Dreamcoat – Mama Ray’s got more colors than a chameleon.
  • Tall Tina’s Mugbeater – DAMN you look fine. And like someone else.

MoFugga Delicious Delicacies

  • Brown Drank – What can Brown Drank do for you? It can get you drunk! Throw back a couple shots and let your troubles fall away. (Not for internal use). Makes a nice mustard too!
  • Mama Ray’s Easy-Cakes – Love pancakes? No time to cook ’um? No problem. Just crack the heat casing in each individually rapped EasyCake and let the bag do the rest! Fresh hot, pancakes in seconds. (Do not use in high voltage areas or around some cybernetic implants).

And don’t forget the best hair place in all of Dogtown! In the Cooter County Shopping Area, between the Weeping Flowes’s and Tatiana’s Wax and Tan.

HoodQuest Enterprises, Limited

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