Vampire Nations

British: “The Albion Kingdom”
Renowned for their mental prowess and ability to convince damn near anyone of damn near anything. Their style, architecture, and behavior harken to the Real Word Victorian Era.
Notable figures Henrietta Vale

French: “The Francia Republic”
Perpetually in the period following the Real World French Revolution, the Francians are renowned for their sexual exploits and their social prowess.
Notable figures Eden Tryst

German: “The Skaldic Hegemony”
The Skalds are shapechangers, and are very tribal. Very little is known about the Skaldic Hegemony, partly due their largely oral traditions, partly due to how difficult it is for the other Nations to understand their culture

Russian: “The Rus Empire”
The Russo are almost universally reviled, on the Plane and outside it. They are known for their necromantic tendencies, and their gruesome visages. They resemble the recently deceased, and their induction into the necromantic tradition are worn on their fingers in the guise of darkening skin. This Nation is best represented by Real World Imperialist Russia, and seem to take Rasputin as a deity.

Vampire Nations

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